Learning the Ropes

February 15th: 

It’s been a little over a month since my very first day here at AT&T Park. It has flown by in this fast paced environment. This week marks the starting point of my spring semester schedule. I’ll be commuting into the city four days a week, balancing my three classes, keeping a social life, and maintaining my RA responsibilities, and hopefully getting six/ seven hours of sleep. Piece of cake, right? I have a full plate for sure, but this isn’t stopping me from soaking in every moment of my time with the Giants.

Because this job is still so new to me, I find myself appreciating the miniature accomplishments I achieve in a day. One of my responsibilities includes maintaining the Giants Community Fund phone line and making sure I provide customer service to those who call in. When I got to my desk, I had six unheard messages! People call in for all different reasons: to apply for a grant, to donate to the Fund in memory of someone, to see if there is any signed memorabilia available… you name it! So, with all of this buzz on the phone line today, it was finally my time to learn how to transfer a call within the office. Good news, I did it successfully. It’s funny how something so small can feel like a major milestone.

Aside from this, however,  I received a special surprise right before I left the office today–MY NAME PLAQUE CAME IN. I’m obsessed. No17028740_10209247081434349_915761265_nw right outside my petite cubicle, is a new, shiny rectangle that says “Chrissy Camilleri, Rookie Year: 2017”. I feel like this officially marks my “home”. It’s only been one month, and I am hooked.



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