What I have come find out in my time here is that all Bay Area sports teams are actually quite interconnected. Many times, the different teams collaborate on events or initiatives.

One example of this is the BASST which stands for the Bay Area All Star Scholarship Team. The Giants, along with the A’s, 49ers, Raiders, Sharks, Warriors, and the Earthquakes each select one outstanding high school senior to receive a $5,000 scholarship for college.

This year, I had the chance to help select our Giants representative. We read through countless heart wrenching stories of kids in San Francisco. It was so hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to one– Robert Harris, who is a senior at Abraham Lincoln college.

Something new that we did this year was a surprise reveal. On March 1st, we traveled to Robert’s high school, coordinated with his coach, and surprised him at his Senior meeting in front of his entire class with the help of Giants Alum, Tiny Felder.

It was a truly special moment that I will remember forever.

To see the reveal that was posted on, click here.


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