Age Specific Curriculum

One major, major project I have been working on recently is creating new curriculum for the Junior Giants program that is tailed specifically for certain age groups.

We decided this year that it is important to provide content and lessons that kids of all ages can engage with. So, with that being said, my bosses assigned this huge project to me!

I have spent countless hours, long nights, and extra hours working to compose 8 weeks of practice plans coaches can use for T-ball (5-6 year olds), Minor (7-9 year olds), and Major (10+) players. Each plan outlines what an hour and half long practice should look like for the coach. It lists warm ups, drills of all types, a cool down, and even time for our WOW talks.

I also helped compose age specific word of the week discussions that coaches or team parents can ask their kids. All discussion plans list three open ended questions that get players thinking about the theme that week (Health, Confidence, Leadership, etc.)

This is one of the largest projects I have worked on, and after multiple rounds of editing, I am so happy with how they turned out!


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