It’s the Small Things that Leave the Lasting Impact

Hi, Friends and Family!

Hope you all had a lovely Spring Recess. 🙂

I am back in action here on the blog, and I wanted to fill you all in on something that brightened my day last Friday.

I was walking back to my desk after a quick lunch break, and I noticed that my coworker placed a note on my keyboard– a handwritten note.

Written in pencil on lined paper, was a letter from a 7-year-old boy named Cooper. The note read as followed:

Jr. Giants Program, 

My name is Cooper and I am 7. My dad, my uncle, Papa and my sister are all Giants fans too. My favorite baseball player is Brandon Crawford. 

Baseball is my favorite sport to play. For my birthday this year, my mom had a baseball party for me.

I know that there are kids that don’t always get to play baseball so I wanted to help. 

Instead of gifts, I asked everyone to bring baseball gloves or money so I could buy a glove to donate to your program. 



Along with the note were four boxes filled of brand new and gently used baseball gloves for the upcoming Junior Giants season.

C’mon, how cute is this? Stories like these are so validating. After a really busy three weeks, this single note made me feel like every hour I have spent in the office was entirely and completely worth it. This note proves that our program is doing so much more than simply teaching 25,000 kids how to play baseball. Rather, it is also teaching these 25,000 kids how to be good people, how to recognize privilege and learn how to give back, how to think of someone other than themselves…even at seven.


This is my why.

Just thought I should share.

Peace to you always,



5 thoughts on “It’s the Small Things that Leave the Lasting Impact

  1. Jeanne says:

    What a wonderful story! I love that kids (and parents) are having this type of giving party! Thanks for writing about it! ⚾️🎉💙


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