Commissioner’s Meeting

April 29:

Our Junior Giants program simply would not exist in 90 different communities if it was not for our Commissioners. Commissioners are the head organizers that host and implement the Junior Giants program in their hometown. Many times, these individuals are a part of the Recreation Department for their cities, Police Officers, or simply just volunteers. They dedicate hours on end to make sure that children have the best possible summer experience every year.

Before we kick off the season in June, we wanted to gather our league leaders in SF once more at our Annual Commissioners Meeting. At this meeting, Commissioners had the opportunity to join us for lunch and talk with the Junior Giants managers about our new updates. Commissioners even had the chance to receive their new 2017 backpacks, complete with your new Age Specific Practice Plans and Word of the Week talks created by yours truly.

Lastly, to thank our volunteers for their time, we had a few special guests for them. Giants Closer, Mark Melancon and Giants Broadcaster, Dave Flemming joined the group for an exclusive talk. It was so nice of them to stop by on a game day, and to recognize our hard working Commissioners. For an inside perspective of their talk, see the video below: