Guardsmen Sports Auction and Dinner

February 9:

In early February, the Giants Community Fund team put our heads together and spent the day brainstorming and dreaming up the future of the Fund at our 2017 Staff Workshop. Being here for less than a month, I had no idea what to expect– I had not been a part of the team for too long quiet yet and I was still getting the feel for my job.

Shortly following our workshop, the Executive Director of the Fund and the head of Development pulled me aside and asked if I would be interested in assisting with the Guardsmen Sports Auction and Dinner later that week. Not knowing what it was in the slightest, I said, “Of course!” They said, “Wonderful!” and let me know that I will be in need of a cocktail dress!

A cocktail dress?! I immediately went home and Googled the event.

Here’s a little background:

Fast forward to the day of the event, I arrived to the office ready to go in my purple, velvet cocktail dress and heels. Our team’s responsibility was to transport the national championship trophies over to the Fairmont hotel, causal right? That was an adventure in itself.

Once at the hotel, I asked my coworkers what they would like me to help with for the evening. In response, they let me know that I would be helping them with checking in the VIP Giants guests and then escorting them successfully to the VIP reception located in the Penthouse at the Fairmont. Okay, yep, I can definitely do that.

If it is one thing I have learned in the short time I have been here, it is to stay as leveled as possible– no mater the climate. I credit my many years as a practicing meditator for that skill.

VIPs for the evening included:

  • George Kontos
  • Mark Melancon
  • Mac Williamson
  • Jeremy Affeldt
  • Michael Krukow
  • Duane Kuiper
  • Noah Lowry
  • Tito Fuentes
  • Bruce Bochy

It was such an honor to meet each one of these individuals. Many welcomed me to the team, recognizing that I definitely was new.

After my responsibilities were done with for the evening, I slipped in a seat next to my coworkers and enjoyed the beautiful three course dinner and overall atmosphere of the sports auction. I soaked up every moment.

I am honored that I was trusted to help with such an important event, especially since I have only been a part of the team for exactly a month. One of the best nights I have had.

Looking forward to more Intern adventures. 🙂