Junior Giants Glove Drive

May 13:

Every year, 14,000 Junior Giants participants join without owning a glove of their own. That is 56% total! Can you believe that?! Over half of our players have never been able to experience the feeling of breaking in a brand new glove.

In order to combat this, out team works hard each season to raise money and collect as many gloves as possible for these participants by hosting the Annual Junior Giants Glove Drive.

Once a year, the Giants reserve a game at the park where fans and supporters can come with their new and used gloves and donate them in exchange for a limited edition Giants pin!

Our Glove Drive this year was hosted on May 13!

My responsibilities included:

  • Recruiting and organizing over 200 Junior Giants volunteers
  • Constructing a check-in list
  • Printing nametags
  • Preparing bags for each gate
  • Promoting the heck out of it on all social media platforms
  • Assisting with day of responsibilities and overall organization

The community was offered a few ways to donate:

  • They could bring in a glove and receive either our new limited edition Gold Glove pin or Giants camo pin in exchange
  • They could purchase a Hunter Pence Bobblehead for $20
  • OR they could purchase the pins for $10 each

With this being my first Glove Drive, I had no ideas what to expect. However, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the community! At every gate, we completely sold out of Hunter Pence bobbleheads– people wanted to help!

At the end of the day, the Giants Community Fund helped raise over $35,000 through in person donations at the park, $57,000 in online purchases, and overall, helped collect over 300 gloves.

These donations will greatly help the 56% of kid who need it the very most in our program. It was a wonderful event to be a part of!

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